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Product Portrait: NOx Sensor

NOx stands for the most important nitrogen oxides, namely nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and consists of the atoms N (nitrogen) and O (oxygen).
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Product Portrait: Air tank

The DT Spare Parts Air Tank 5.70075 has a complex outer coating for optimal protection against corrosion and environmental influences. To apply the outer coating, the exterior of the tank is first prepared by degreasing or shot peening. Enquire now: 5.70075

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Product Portrait: Fuel tank

The diesel required to operate the engine is stored in the fuel tank. To save weight, the tank is made of aluminium and in the case of 4.68877, has a volume of 400 litres. Enquire now: 4.68877

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The Partner Portal is the future-oriented information and eCommerce procurement platform from Diesel Technic. It provides efficient access to the comprehensive supply of more than 41 000 automotive parts and accessories of the product brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive.

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