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Further extended product range suitable for Volvo F/FL/N 10/12/16

The new spare parts catalogue from DT Spare Parts contains around 200 new products suitable for Volvo F/FL/N 10/12/16. Around 2 400 own products in the catalogue replace more than 4 600 reference numbers. In total, the range of DT Spare Parts brand currently already comprises more than 27 000 spare parts for trucks.

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Product Portrait: 7.74104 Filter, crankcase ventilation

The crankcase ventilation filter 7.74104 distinguishes itself through its highly-efficient filter material and excellent accuracy of fit. The polypropylene edge ensures permanent stability, even under high temperature conditions. The ventilation filter prevents that unfiltered blow-by gases, contaminated with engine oil, will be directed from the crankcase into the intake passage of the turbocharger.

Product link: 7.74104

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Additionally extended product range suitable for Mercedes-Benz Atego/Econic

The new spare parts catalogue includes more than 200 new products from the DT Spare Parts brand suitable for Mercedes-Benz Atego and Econic. 1 800 own products in the catalogue replaces over 3 700 reference numbers. DT Spare Parts offers a total of more than 10 000 spare parts suitable for trucks, transporters and buses of the Mercedes-Benz automotive brand.

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The Partner Portal provides, from anywhere and at any time, access to the complete range of commercial vehicle spare parts from Diesel Technic, with two product brands that complement each other perfectly.

DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive stand for commercial vehicle spare parts in tested quality, however, to meet different demands. The complete range today already contains the suitable spare parts for millions of reference numbers.

This enables true One-Stop-Shopping for all required spare parts for commercial vehicles.

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