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Order now: Immediately available bulbs. Use the complete range of the brand DT Spare Parts for your advantage. View all

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Product Portrait: Lock cylinder kit, with transponder

Lock cylinders are used to actuate the lock system exclusively through means of a suitable counterpart. The lock system can be used to start the vehicle as well as, among other things, to lock and unlock the fuel tank cap, the glove compartment and even the vehicle itself. View all

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Product Portrait: Clutch servo, complete with cylinder

When the clutch pedal is operated, the movement of the piston causes pressure to build up in the clutch master cylinder, which is passed through the hydraulic line to the slave cylinder. From here, the pressure is relayed to the release mechanism, which opens the clutch and thus breaks the flow of power from the engine to the transmission.View all

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The Partner Portal is the future-oriented information and eCommerce procurement platform from Diesel Technic. It provides efficient access to the comprehensive supply of more than 41 000 automotive parts and accessories of the product brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive.

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