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Optimised product search in the Partner Portal

In the Partner Portal, the enhanced product search is available as a new service. This enables distribution partners and their workshop customers to find the right article quickly and easily.

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Product Portrait: 3.92001 Injection line kit

The purpose of injection lines is to transport the fuel from the injection pump to the fuel injectors of the combustion engine. In doing this it is important that the injection lines operate without a loss of pressure and without a restriction to the flow. Enquire now: 3.92001

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Product Portrait: 4.62804 Clutch cover, with release bearing

The clutch cover is an essential component of the clutch system presenting a separable connection between the engine and the drive train, and furthermore serves the transmission of power. Enquire now: 4.62804

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The Partner Portal is the future-oriented information and eCommerce procurement platform from Diesel Technic. As a 24/7 service, it provides you with efficient access to the comprehensive offer of the product brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive anytime, anywhere.

In the Partner Portal you will find more than 41 000 automotive parts and accessories of guaranteed quality suitable for around 9.2 million vehicle links, such as: Trucks, trailers, buses, transporters, cars, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, marine engines and industrial applications.

The Partner Portal is constantly evolving to provide you with the best possible service for daily parts search and procurement. Please register and use the contact form for feedback or product enquiries. For workshop customers, we are glad to arrange contact with a distribution partner nearby.

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