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The DT Spare Parts range for all standard city (urban) buses and coaches includes more than 13 000 different replacement parts and is continually being expanded. DT Spare Parts are suitable for Iveco Bus, MAN Bus/Neoplan, Mercedes-Benz/Setra, Scania Bus and Volvo Bus.

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Digital catalogues suitable for

Iveco Bus & Irisbus, Renault Bus
General catalogue  · Version 2.0 R 
Euromidi, Midirider, Midway, Midys;, 
Agora, Citelis, Citybus, CityClass, 
Crealis, Europolis, GX 127/327/427,
Moovy, TurboCity, Urbanway;
Ares, Arway, Axer, Crossway, 
Proway, Recreo, Tracer; 
New Domino, Domino, EuroClass, 
EuroRider, MyWay, Evadys, Iliade,
Magelys, Proxys;
900 DT Spare Parts, 1 500 Ref.

MAN Bus/Neoplan
General catalogue  · Version 3.0 Q
MAN: Lion’s City/Classic/Coach/Intercity/Regio/Star, 
Neoplan: Centroliner, Cityliner, Euroliner, Jetliner,
Megaliner, Skyliner, Spaceliner, Starliner,
Tourliner, Transliner, Trendliner, Trolley 
3 000 DT Spare Parts, 7 000 Ref.

O 500-Serie · S 400-/S 500-Serie 
Version 1.0 M
2 200 DT Spare Parts, 4 000 Ref.
O 300-/O 400-Serie · S 200-/S 300-Serie 
Version 2.0 O
3 620 DT Spare Parts, 7 100 Ref.

4-/F-/K-/N-Serie · Version 2.0 Q 
2 100 DT Spare Parts, 4 600 Ref.
3-Serie · Version 2.0 Q
1 400 DT Spare Parts, 3 000 Ref.

B9/B11/B12/B13 D/DH engine · Version 3.0 R 
1 900 DT Spare Parts, 4 000 Ref.
B10/B12 TD/THD engine · Version 3.0 Q
1 600 DT Spare Parts, 3 000 Ref.

Please also note the range of spare parts offered by the product brand SIEGEL Automotive.

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