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Product Portrait: Clutch kit

Similar to tyres and brakes, clutches are main expendable components in vehicles. The service life is highly dependent on the quality, the professional fitting and the correct use of the product as well as the vehicle‘s conditions of use. Similar products

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Product Portrait: Fuel level sensor

Fuel level sensors measure the fuel level in the fuel tank. The level is indicated on the fuel gauge. To enable the display of the fuel level, an analog fuel level sensor is integrated in the fuel tank.Similar products

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Product Portrait: Center bearing

The cardan shaft has universal joints and transmits the driving power from the gearbox to the differential of the drive axle or to the wheels. Through the universal joints, the rotary motions can be diverted in different directions, so that the gearbox and axle are movable and not connected to each other rigidly and without suspension. Similar products

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The Partner Portal is the future-oriented information and eCommerce procurement platform from Diesel Technic. It provides efficient access to the comprehensive supply of more than 41 000 automotive parts and accessories of the product brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive.

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