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Shock absorber
Shock absorber
Shock absorber

DT Spare Parts 10.37209 Shock absorber replaces Bartoletti

replaces Sachs: 290 241

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suitable for

Bartoletti, Battaglino, BPW, Cardi, DAF, Gigant / SAE / SMB, Kögel, SAF, Schmitz Cargobull, Viberti


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Replaces Ref. No. Properties Data
Bartoletti 2607300 Fitting Position Rear Axle
Bartoletti 6507007758 for OE number 290 241
Bartoletti 91610259 Shock Absorber Design Telescopic Shock Absorber
Bartoletti 91610263 Shock Absorber Mounting Type Top eye
Bartoletti 91610264 Shock Absorber Mounting Type Bottom eye
Bartoletti 91610266 Shock Absorber Type Oil Pressure
Bartoletti 91610275
Bartoletti 91610279
Battaglino 2607300
BPW 02.370.24.80.0
BPW 02.370.25.10.0
Cardi 500600
Cardi 501000
DAF 1336822
Gigant / SAE / SMB 196102
Gigant / SAE / SMB 196133
Kögel 344738
SAF 2.376.0032.00
SAF 2.376.4032.00
Schmitz Cargobull 013 506
Schmitz Cargobull 016 018
Schmitz Cargobull 1020636
Viberti 128711204
Viberti 128711207
Viberti 128711209
Documents Media
DB9160 Assembly instruction PDF Download
Video The Parts Specialists – Shock absorber View on
Video The Parts Specialists – Trailer View on
Vehicle brand Model, Engine, Gearbox, Axle, Cabin
Further Trucks Bartoletti, Battaglino
Miscellaneous Cardi
Trailer BPW O/SL/AL SAF AR413, AR421, HU, M, U

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