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    Gear, retarder
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    Gear, retarder
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    suitable for
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    0,184 kg
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Application suitable for

Vehicle brand Model, Engine, Gearbox, Axle, Cabin
Scania Bus 3-Series GR 801 R
Scania P-/G-/R-/T-Series GR 801R, GRS 890R, GR-GRS-GRSO 900R, GRS 920R
Scania 4-Series GR-GRS-GRSH- GRSO /R
Scania Bus 4-/F-/K-/N-Series 4-Series GR 801 R F-/K-/N-Series GR 801 R, GRS 890 R, GR-GRS-GRSO 900 R, GRS 920 R
Scania 2-/3-Series GR-GRS 900R

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